Pneuma is creativity coaching, Mindfulness / meditation training, and Editing Services for any writer: published or unpublished, brave or scared shitless. 


I work with writers to help them plot their dreams and slay their dragons so that they can lead full-bodied creative lives that give them the courage, determination, and strategy to bring their words into the world.


 About Heather

Hey, there. I'm Heather Demetrios, founder of Pneuma Creative and Mindfulness for Writers. I'm a published author with Macmillan, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster, as well as a certified meditation teacher with an MFA in Writing. Other than words and travel, my passion is to help my fellow writers navigate the challenges of the writer's life as elegantly as possible: writer's block, fear, doubt, despair, inner critics, procrastination, uncertainty. I've been blogging for years about my own experience with the highs and lows of the creative life, leading an online group of writers in daily support and encouragement, and working with clients and students to help them bring their words into the world and own their writer selves.

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Whether you're looking for support to get more structure in your writing practice, are interested in learning meditation to boost flow and creativity, or aren't sure WHAT you want--but know you need something--I've got you covered. Together, we'll find flow, creative joy, passion, and purpose. Whether you're here for creative recovery, a kick in the ass, help with your writing, or a few good pep talks, I can't wait to meet you. I have several packages to choose from, as well as online courses. But, first, I want to congratulate you for being here. For taking a step toward coming into your own as a writer and embracing this thing you love so much. Wherever you're at creatively, know that simply wanting to grow is a huge step in the right direction. I've got your back.

Let's Begin, Shall We?

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Meditation and mindfulness has completely saved my creative life.

Before I began meditating, I was creatively burned out, disillusioned with publishing, and a victim of the hustle and my striving for perfectionism. Not only has meditation destroyed writing blocks that were holding me back from my best work, it has boosted my creative flow, helped me to focus, and deepened my connection to the human experience. But more than that, meditation and mindfulness is a daily exercise in learning to accept myself no matter how good or bad the writing is, to have a healthy perspective on the ups and downs of the creative life, and to be more comfortable with the inevitable uncertainty that comes with being an artist. I'm braver because of it, and the practice gives me a chance to reclaim my writing each and every day from my inner critics, my actual critics, and the fears that often plague me. My mantra has become:

Breathe. Write. Repeat.

I can't wait to share this beautiful practice with you. xx