I work with writers to help them plot their dreams and slay their dragons so that they can lead full-bodied creative lives that give them the courage, determination, and strategy to bring their words into the world.


Pneuma is creativity coaching, editing, and craft counseling for any writer: published or unpublished, brave or scared shitless.

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You need some Pneuma if:


You're tired of giving up on yourself. Tired of not writing AGAIN, tired of choosing a mundane existence over the wonder of words, tired of wanting this so badly and being scared it will never happen. (Or scared it will get taken away).

You're looking for a major creativity boost. You want a life changing, transformative experience that will jolt you into being the best writer you can be. You want some SERIOUS focused intensity that allows you to come face to face with your fears. 

You know you're a writer, an artist, but you're dealing with some major fear and possibly shame about coming out of the writer's closet. You don't know if you're good enough, if you can really live an artistic life with so many demands (money, kids, etc.). You could really use someone who's been on this journey for a good long while to light the path for you. 

You don't know how to overcome your demons (procrastination, creative blocks, crushing self-esteem issues, stress, anxiety, envy, hopelessness, general artistic existential mindfuckery). 

You're lazy as hell and you need a cheerleader/drill sergeant to get your act in gear. 

You need help with publishing: understanding the business, submitting your work, setting up your platform, figuring out your author brand, and all that jazz. 

You want to be a better writer and you'd like some one-on-one help with your craft from an experienced pro with an MFA and high standards. 

You want help with editing your book and getting it into the best possible shape it can be so it can kick ass at those acquisitions meetings. 

You're ready. You know you're ready to really DO THIS THING, but it's a monumental effort to get a book in shape and get yourself in shape and you just can't do it alone (side note: NO ONE should do it alone). 

Schedule a free Focusing Call to get started. 

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WTF is "creativity coaching"?

So glad you asked.

You can find out here.