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Revision Intensive

Nov. 2018


I'll be teaching a month-long revision intensive this November online with Writespace. This is for all levels and limited to 12 writers. If you don't know, I'm OBSESSED with revision and love it to the moon and back, and I'm so excited to explore this sticky topic with you. Because it's online, you can fit this into your own schedule. Nice, right? :)

More about the course:

This workshop will explore strategies for approaching revision for all genres in fiction, as well as give writers the opportunity to put them into practice. Participants will have the chance to revise the first chapter of their work-in-progress with the instructor as the workshop begins, and then receive feedback from the group on this revision before going once more into the breach. We'll also be digging into how to deal with our inner critics and some of the other psychological stumbling blocks that often come up for writers during revision. Through lively online discussion, challenging exercises, and invigorating reading assignments, we’ll begin to see why revision is what real writing is all about. Warning: you just might fall in love with it.

This course is suitable for all levels. However, it is an intensive and may be best suited for intermediate students who've been writing for a while. Participants will need to have at least the first chapter of their works-in-progress finished before the workshop begins. Bonus points for those who have a complete manuscript and are using this course to kick-start or boost their revision process. We'll be looking at revising scenes and chapters, as well as what revising an entire work might look like, though it will not be necessary for participants to have a finished book. This will be a warm, fun, engaging environment--as Michelangelo himself said, "I am still learning." We will all still be learning, so all are welcome!

You can sign up for the course here.


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