Meditation For Writers

Winter 2018


Stay tuned for news on my meditation courses! Classes begin in January 2018 and I'll begin sign-ups this Fall. 


Plotting Through Character

October 2017


I teach this class once a year online through Writespace Houston. Sign-up details TBA, but it's usually in October. 


Revise Like A Badass

Winter 2018


This online class focuses on revision strategies and craft. We'll use the first chapter of our novels as a foundation for learning how to revise like a badass. Through workshopping, writing exercises, lectures, and readings, we'll go deep into all aspects of craft and process, as well as make sure you have a clear Revision Action Plan for when it's time to work on that next draft. We'll also learn critique skills so that you can learn how to be a good beta reader, identify the right readers for your work (and when it's time to use them), and learn to spot areas in your own work that need revising. We'll also talk about revising as you go and how that compares to doing a full draft revision. By the end of our time together, you won't be as freaked out or overwhelmed by the revision process and - dare I say it? - you may even enjoy it. 


Creativity Boost



This class is all about giving you a month-long surge of creative energy through meditation, creative activities, writing exercises, and more. 


Get in touch to find out about custom group classes for 3 or more: perfect for writer's groups! I curate a class just for you that we do online together.