One of the most valuable practices I have found for increasing flow, navigating the perils and uncertainty of the artist's life, and generally not losing my shit in this crazy world is meditation and mindful living. It is an absolute game changer. I know it seems trendy right now, like everyone's hopping on the meditation wagon, but it's for good reason: now, more than ever, artists need to find time and space to get quiet, reconnect with themselves, and BREATHE. This space is where the ideas live. It's where the deepest parts of ourselves are begging to be seen and let into the light through our words. It's where we find the resilience and patience needed to hang in there when we get rejection letters and bad reviews and yet another rewrite. It's where we figure out how to accept things as they are, how to be gentle with ourselves during creative setbacks and snarls. It's where the magic happens.

Click below to check out the blog and learn more about how to begin bringing this practice into your life or click the button above to dive right in with my guided meditations and podcast. All of my clients are encouraged to have a meditation practice, so if you're interested in working one-on-one with me, we'll absolutely make setting up a practice part of our work together. As a certified meditation teacher and student of all things mindful, I bring my own experiences on the cushion--and how this helps me as a writer--to everything I do as a coach, teacher, and retreat leader. Nervous about meditating? Don't be. I thought I couldn't do it for YEARS and after many half-assed attempts, finally committed. I needed to be ready, and I found my way to the cushion exactly when I needed to. 



August 1-31, 2018

An online course where we dive deep into setting up your lifelong meditation practice while applying mindfulness to your craft and process. Read testimonies from the last immersion here.

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