My Clients

Below are some* of the fabulous writers I've worked with. You can find out more about their fabulous writing and reach out via their provided social media. Please note that I only do the Pneuma Creative Season with female-identifying writers. I welcome all clients for editorial, craft counseling, and mindfulness/meditation coaching.

*I try to update this page regularly, but I'm always behind. :)


Margaret Torres

As a first time writer, I didn’t struggle with fear or procrastination or any of the million other pitfalls out there. I was ready and motivated , but I was feeling my way along in the dark. I wanted to know how far I could go, what could my writing life look like, and how much faster could I get there? Heather helped me find my ideal process, and I went from writing 3,500 words each month, to writing 4,000+ EACH WEEK. It still blows my mind. A huge part of that was the plan and goals Heather helped me establish for the completion of my first book. We explored the realities of being a creative with a day job,  discussed strategies for becoming a full-time writer, and SO MUCH MORE. If you’re thinking about working with Heather, through whichever of her services, don’t hesitate. She cares. She cares about you, she cares about helping you achieve the goals that are best for YOU, and she will customize her services to fit your needs.

Margaret Torres writes Young Adult Fantasy. When not working on her novels, she reads far more than anyone should have time for and does a bit of marketing to pay the bills. Connect with Margaret on Twitter


Jasmine Shefrin


I’ve had the honor to work with Heather two separate times in the last year. And I can honestly say she is the one you want in your creative corner. Her approach is unique in that it’s holistic and custom. She doesn’t have one mold and then try to fit you into it because everything is based on your individual path. She’s empathetic, a great problem solver and a wonderful cheerleader. She’ll kick you in the toosh if you need that too. But when you succeed, which you will under her coaching, your joy is her joy. As it should be, because she was your guide in becoming your best self.

Jasmine Shefrin writes young adult novels, digs Traci Anderson, and is a mama of two. You can find her on Facebook at Jasmine Rasmussen.


Frankie Bolt

When I teamed up with Heather, she asked what I wanted to address within my writing/creative process. I was crazy/naive enough to say, “Fear.” Immediately, Heather encouraged me, sent multi-media resources in my leap toward the abyss. Heather’s faceted coaching approach created a nurturing cocoon for me to divine my growth creatively, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. As my focus evolved, Heather’s insight and flexibility guided me toward concrete positive actions and solutions. I emerged armed with courage, clarity and vision. At the heart, Heather has profoundly transformed and enriched my writer’s journey. 

Frankie Bolt writes southern grit young adult novel and short stories. She and her wife live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Her short story “The Driver” was featured on the Young Adult Review Network. You can find her in these hangouts:

Twitter: @Frankie Bolt

Instagram: MsFrankieBolt


Lauren Bernadette

Heather and I did a creative season and a manuscript review together, and I have to say: best two decisions I've made in my writing life. Rather than shoving me into a program, Heather customized our conversations and the homework from them to actually get to the bottom of what I was feeling and experiencing, and figure out how to get me where I want to go creatively, professionally, and even spiritually. When it came time for my manuscript review, I knew my work was in good hands and that Heather would pull no punches in helping me make it the best it could possibly be -- all in the spirit of being a friend, adviser, and advocate. Mission accomplished. She's a really positive but down-to-earth force who I'll no doubt be turning to and returning to for years. If you're thinking, "hmm, I would like to work with Heather," do it. Seriously. 

Lauren Bernadette writes poetry and women's fiction. Her poetry play The Art of Golden Repair was recently produced at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and she's finishing her second Novel, Pre. Follow her on Instagram @laurbrary,or check our her website.


Sarah Cassell

With a demanding full-time job, finding time to write and make a productive, positive impact on my novel was challenging. One of the best skills I gained while working with Heather was how to set writing goals that motivated me and fit with my lifestyle. Heather helped me learn how to maximize my time at my writing desk. She taught me a variety of techniques that allow me to connect instantly with my characters and seamlessly dive back into scenes, no matter when or where I am. Every assignment and resource she shared added value to my creative life. 

S.A. Cassell writes young adult novels and daylights as a Digital Marketing Manager. You can connect with her on Instagram and


Cammen Lowstuter

There are times I get in my own way–I take two steps forward, a few steps backward, a couple to the side before I trip on something. My haltering do-si-do was making my creative life inconsistent and far more frustrating than fun. Pneuma was a creative reboot, bursting with everything I never knew I needed. Heather is a fountain of resources. Her coaching approach is packed with strategies and exercises that helped me see what lay beyond my blind spots. Heather is both passionate and compassionate about cultivating her clients’ best creative life. 

Cammen Lowstuter writes fiction and is the Creative Director for the executive development firm Robertson Lowstuter. 

Katia DC-2.jpg

Katia Raina

Heather and I started our work together with Novel Development on a new project I was struggling to conceptualize. After three months of bouncing ideas and slowly growing my story in a way that was true to who I was and what I wanted to do, we delved into what Heather calls Creative Season, and what I hope will now forever be my Creative Life. I had come very close in my publishing career, and my years of near-misses had taken a hit on my confidence. Through readings, creative exercises and unwavering, ongoing support, Heather gently led me back to the gifts I had forgotten I'd possessed. Knowing when to push and when to step back and let me make my own discoveries, she guided me back to my own intuition and helped me rediscover my process, along with my wildness, my courage and my creativity. 

Katia Raina is an immigrant from Russia, a former journalist, a graduate from VCFA Writing for Children and Young Adults Program. She writes weird stories, teaches English, lives with her little family and loves life in the DC area.


Lyn Miller-Lachmann

I came to Heather because I needed to get past a traumatic experience and reboot my career. She helped me identify what was most important to me in terms of my writing and how to let go of misconceptions that were holding me back. As a result, I have considered avenues that I had dismissed earlier. I’ve learned to own my values and my words, take control of my process and not cede the direction of my career to others.

Lyn Miller-Lachmann is the author of Rogue (Nancy Paulsen Books, 2013), the story of a eighth grader with undiagnosed Asperger’s and an X-Men obsession, in search of a friend and her own special power. Lyn has also written the historical YA novel Gringolandia (Curbstone, 2009) and its forthcoming companion, Surviving Santiago(Running Press, 2015) and translated the picture book The World in a Second(Enchanted Lion, 2015) by Isabel Minhós Martins and Bernardo Carvalho from Portuguese to English. Visit her website and connect on Facebook and Twitter. 



Joe McGee


Creativity has never been something I’ve struggled with…but sometimes it’s a thousand squirrels chasing a thousand shiny things. Working with Heather has had a major impact on my daily writing and my writing life. Through goal-setting, focus techniques, self-awareness, and inner discovery and exploration, my creative engine is running faster and smoother than it has in a long time. Thanks to Pneuma Creative, I feel like I am now able to harness the power of a thousand squirrels. 

Joe McGee writes middle-grade novels, picture books, and more. His most recent title, Peanut Butter and Brains is at a bookstore near you. Find Joe on his websiteTwitter, and Facebook