Published Author S.O.S


Published Author S.O.S


Somehow you thought that getting an agent, selling a book (or two or ten), and having those books actually published would be enough—and yet here you are feeling frustrated, drained, and more confused than ever. You’ve learned some hard lessons about how publishing works. You might feel invisible or like you’re stuck on Midlist Planet. You might feel like you leapt out of the gate only to discover that you’re already at the back of the pack (WTF? How is So and So already on the freaking list ??).


On top of that, you’re frustrated about the time, money, and energy you need to spend on your own marketing—and you’re not sure if any of it is working, anyway. How do you get invited to festivals or asked to be on panels? Are bookstore events worth it? Do you have to do all those interviews for bloggers (does anyone actually READ them??). You’re not sure how to interact with your publisher---you know, those people who are supposed to be selling your book. What exactly is a publicist’s job, anyway? Do you need to do book launches? How do you increase your following on social media? Maybe you’re having drama with your agent, wondering how to get foreign publishers, and aren’t sure exactly what your next steps should be—how many publishers can you work with at once? What happens if your sales numbers are low or your editor rejects your book? Maybe you have no idea what your author platform is—what is your brand and how do you build your own writing business?



By the time we’re done, you’ll have a lot more clarity about where you are with your career and the steps you need to take to go where you want to. Alone, this process may feel daunting and stressful. But, together, we’ll be able to craft a course that works for you, learn from my rookie mistakes, and take advantage of my own publishing knowledge. (Six books published in three and a half years – I’ve got some good war stories to tell you). This is a completely custom package, because everyone has their own issues they need to look at. Here is a sample of what we might do:



·       1 Month: 2 Calls, one at the beginning of the period, one at the end. Each call will last approximately 60-90 minutes.

·       Career Evaluation: This is a lengthy questionnaire for us to begin our work together and will help us organize our plan of attack.

·       Help you create a Publishing Action Plan with a holistic eye on your career, your writing process in the midst of all this career focus, and your mental health as an artist.

·       Help create a Social Media / Website / Blog Action Plan to assist you with your author platform reboot

·       Assignments each week that address the major areas you are hoping to gain clarity with: readings, worksheets, and creative exercises, all while you’re working on your author platform reboot.

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