Expressive Coaching 3


Expressive Coaching 3


From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

~Robert Frost

coaching without the phone, on your own time

It is time for you to BLAZE. To become a creative wildfire. To take your writing life and maybe even the writing world by storm.

  • Every day for the month of your choosing you and I will have one WhatsApp exchange.

  • Each exchange will be up to 15 minutes from you and at least a 15-minute response from me - a total of at least a half hour each day. (That’s nearly 1K minutes of awesome coaching work together in one month alone!)

  • You are also entitled to a one-hour proper phone call after our month is over to have a good old-fashioned chat about where you’re at and where you want to go.

  • ·You’ll get the gorgeous PDF of the Expressive Journaling Workbook, which will support what we’re doing together and be there for you long after our work is through.

  • I will also provide supplementary materials as needed such as guided meditations, links for readings, writing exercises, etc. - these are extra and simply for you to do as you wish!

  • I will not be reading any assignments or editing any writing. Our real work is in these daily exchanges.

  • Have I mentioned I am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS?

What We’ll Get Into During Our Exchanges:

I'm so excited to work with you on whatever your heart desires. As you heard in the recording above, our exchanges are totally all about you, you, YOU. Here are just a few things we might cover:


Creative Blocks

Shit writing days

Brainstorming about your book / WIP



Mindful writing

How to deal with unsupportive partners

Time management

Boosts: You Can Do This talks

Depression and being a writer


Day jobs


How to go deeper with your craft

What to do when you're writing and panic sets in

Make no mistake: this is a selfish endeavor on my part, too: this kind of work inspires the shit out of me. I get a zing of energy all through me, I get more excited about my own work, and I have a little more hope about the fate of humanity.

Get the Expressive Coaching PDF HERE

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