Grounding Calls


Grounding Calls


Let’s get some alignment on issues you’re struggling with. Whether it’s uncertainty over the next step in a project or your career, a desire for guidance in your process, or a need to have a helping hand to get in tune with your own innate artist’s wisdom on how to better integrate your writing into your lifestyle, I’m here to help!

What to expect:

  • 1 call

  • These calls last 60 minutes and can be about anything you want. Beginning in August 2018, these calls will be either through WhatsApp, Skype, or Voxer, as I’ll be living abroad.

  • I’ll do a short intake with you via email beforehand so that I can prep for the call and get to know you a bit better (I’ll email you within 24 hours after you check out to set up our chat)

  • We’ll end the call with a clear plan for moving forward on whatever it is you needed clarity about so that you have the energy and certainty you need to take the next steps on your journey.

  • After our call, I'll send you resources, exercises, and other homework to get you back on track, along with a follow-up email.

  • I’m always available for an email check in or two after our call. I’ve got your back!

  • If you’d like more than one call, I recommend my package, which you can find here. This is a great option for either having calls on hand as needed or for going deep into a specific issue you’d like to work on.

I call these "grounding calls" because they're meant to help you find your center. You may need to check in because you've received some difficult feedback or got rejected AGAIN, or maybe this is an effort to bring about some clarity in regards to a big decision or project. Maybe they're S.O.S oh-shit-I-give-up calls (spoiler alert: you're not giving up). Or you might just need a little kick in the pants or creativity boost because you're feeling blah. I am here for whatever you need. 

I’ll email you within 24 hours after you check out to set up our call. If you’re one of my clients and this is a writer emergency, then please text me, too, so I know it’s urgent. xoxo

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