The Creative Season


The Creative Season


Pneuma Creative’s Signature Course

This course came out of the process of a lifetime spent pursuing a dream with all my heart and soul and then achieving that dream and realizing I’d learned a thing or two along the way that I could pass on to my fellow sisters in writing. It is the culmination of years of blood, sweat, and tears—literally. Thousands of dollars spent on higher education and travel and self-development. Physical pain from sitting on meditation cushions and hard church pews and yoga mats all over the world. Countless long dark nights of the soul and many felled trees who gave their lives to my journals and failed manuscripts. It is a curation of wisdom I have gathered within and without, an offering I wish had existed on my own journey.


What the Creative Season Entails:



  • 3 months of intensive, ongoing work on your creative process, your creative goals, your creative lifestyle, and whatever else we think needs working

  • 7 hour-long calls (one call every other week and then a final call to check in after the Season)

  • Guided meditations and support so that by the end of the Season you have a strong meditation practice of your own

  • Unlimited emailing back and forth, as well as texting

  • Loads of creative assignments from both the curriculum and ones that I create and curate especially for you—these range from writing exercises to field trips to art projects (but, again, it’s all what YOU need)

  • A year-long plan that we work on together, refining as we go, so that by the end of the Season you have a clear path moving forward on your writing projects and goals

  • Publishing counseling, as needed


I wanted to be a full-time published writer. I wanted to spend my days spinning stories and dreaming and creating. I wanted to finish good books, I wanted them to be good, and then I wanted see those books—my books—on bookstore shelves, see my stories in reader’s hands. And that has happened for me. I see that burning desire in so many women I know, and I want to help them get here too. Or, if that’s not quite in the cards, get to a place where they are satisfied with the place writing has in their life. For some people, it’s simply getting to a place where they’ve given themselves permission to do this thing, whatever it looks like. For others, it’s going part-time at their day job so they can write more. For others, it’s finding structure to balance family and other obligations with their writing. Many writers want publishing to be in the picture, but some don’t. Either way, this course is for you if you feel called toward creative recovery and desire some guidance in how to arrange your life—inside and out—so that you can achieve your writing goals.



The Creative Season exists because I believe with all my heart that if you are in alignment with your dreams, and you put in the work, and you’ve got a smidge of talent, then the desire you have to be a writer—maybe even a published writer—can come true too. I don’t know what your future writing life will look like for you. I don’t know what’s in store, or what’s for your highest good. But I know that I’m a published author not because I’m insanely talented or was born under a lucky star (though, I admit that being a white westerner certainly confers quite a bit of luck on a person): I’m a published author because I’ve put in the hard work and I’ve learned how to create a lifestyle that is conducive to doing this work.


The Season is a three-month coaching course that is curated for your needs. I have a curriculum with a focus for each week, but I adjust according to your needs. It’s very holistic. We look at all aspects of your life to see what needs shifting, what needs to go, what you need more of. This is a big investment of your time and energy—mine too. It’s some of the most important work either of us will do. It is a life-changing ride, for both of us.


Please email me if you’d like to see the curriculum and to have a thirty-minute chat on the phone to answer any questions you might have. Many of my clients are open to being reached out to, as well. You can find testimonies and info here.


This work jazzes me like nobody’s business. Whenever I get off the phone with my Season clients, I feel so ready to dive into my own work. It’s inspiring, heady stuff. It’s so powerful to take this time for yourself, to really commit to your writing and to getting serious about your goals. This is a really practical course that allows you to walk away with very tangible benefits, such as a meditation practice (so incredibly helpful to have mentoring in the beginning) and a road map for the year ahead. And because it’s three months, we get to put a lot of the changes you want to try in your life in action and revise as necessary, in real time.

I put A LOT of love and work into all my clients, and my Season clients will tell you that, yes, this is a financial investment, but it’s worth your creative recovery and getting yourself to a place where your dreams actually seem possible.


Whether or not we end up working together, I wish you so much creative joy and discovery. Again, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions. I’m happy to chat!

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