Pneuma Retreats



I run an annual fall retreat for lady writers at the gorgeous Highlights center in Honesdale, PA. Think autumn leaves, your own little cabin, hanging out with your fellow writers, and eating some of the BEST food you will ever have in your life. We have writing workshops, lectures on craft and process, as well as meditation sessions. It. Is. Awesome. Make sure to sign up for the mailing list in order to hear when we go live on accepting attendees (limited to 20 participants) for the 2019 retreat.

I also lead retreats for individual groups. Contact me if your writer's group or a group of writer friends wants to have a retreat. You set up the retreat location / food / logistics and I handle the actual retreat itself, leading and organizing workshops, meditation sessions, talks on craft and process, and whatever else you'd like! 


Jessica Conoley

The Pneuma retreat is the best thing I have done for myself in years. Heather did a great job of making everyone feel comfortable and setting a tone of community and learning throughout the retreat. I met a fantastic group of writers who are supportive, smart, and dedicated to their craft. I really enjoyed the meditation aspect, which surprised me because it was something I had never done before--and was actually a little skeptical about. After our first meditation workshop I saw the connection to writing and have incorporated daily meditation into my writing time. Thank you so much!

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Annie Peirce

The Pneuma Retreat surpassed all of my expectations. It was a wonderful opportunity to take time away from the normal whirl to really focus on my writing, develop a strategy for self-care as an artist, and get to know an incredible group of fellow writers. I was incredibly impressed not only with the instructors, Heather and Ingrid, but also the wealth of knowledge and experience of the other participants. We built a camaraderie of trust incredibly quickly (amazing food and flowing booze helped), and I foresee those relationships continuing long past the end of the retreat. 



Margaret Torres

I left the Pneuma Retreat feeling so inspired and creatively energized! It was amazing to spend four days with an intimate group of women, all of whom are on this same journey as me. We talked craft, marketing, industry trends, challenges, and how to stay healthy and grounded with things like meditation. My favorite parts were the evenings, when we drank wine, played games, and talked. I left the retreat with a better understanding of my current WIP, the courage to start exploring book marketing, and a lovely group of friends. I'll definitely be staying in contact with these ladies and I WILL go to another Pneuma retreat.

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Cathy Stirling

The colours of fall, cabins in the woods a retreat just for writers with food that was abundant and that soothed the soul - especially the peanut butter cookies created the perfect cocoon for a writers retreat. Heather and Ingrid made sure that cocoon was filled with lessons, advice, tips, stories, laughter, support, feedback and kindness. The retreat exceeded all my expectations. I left feeling full of ideas, with information on how to support myself as a writer, how to develop my craft, be creative, with a long list of books to read, a network of supporters and a belief (for the first time) that I am a writer. Iā€™m so grateful that  had the courage to attend this retreat and got the opportunity to learn and grow as a person and meet such inspiring writers who all opened up their hearts and shared their own writing journey.


Special thanks to Ingrid Sundberg and Annie Peirce, who contributed photos to the gallery.